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Friday Kid Lit Round-Up


Hey folks. Glad you could pop in. I think the Batches of Butterflies project at the Eric Carle Museum is so cool! They're asking "friends, families, and schools throughout the country and abroad to create their own butterflies to flutter in the museum." Pop on over to see how to get your butterfly fluttering in the Great Hall. But hurry, they need to get there by the 15th!

All you Percy Jackson fans had better start buttering your popcorn because February 2010 is the release date for the new movie. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief will star Logan Lerman and Brandon T. Jackson in 20th Century Fox's cinematic delight.

Mir is back at the Kitchen Table with a book review about a serious subject. At one point her daughter asked her about the Holocaust. "That could never happen nowadays, right?" With all that's happening in the world today, it really makes you stop and think.

With all of the book awards flying about lately, my students have become adept at identifying the Caldecott sticker and have been asking me all sorts of questions about it. They got me thinking and Wizards Wireless has the answers. So...."How do Caldecott and Newbery-winning books get their shiny stickers?"

I ran across this title the other day and was positively salivating. Amazon Supplier Loses Warehouse Lease, Invites the Public to Loot Its Books. I know you feel my pain that I wasn't in the UK to participate in this event!

Alrighty folks. I want you all to have a super weekend. Try to take a little time out to hunker down with a good book. And remember to support your local independent book store. They really help to keep the choices rich and... I sound like a coffee commercial. Just go read!


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