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Picture Book Thursday: Frogs

Bigmouth The Frog with the Big Mouth
Written by Teresa Bateman
Illustrated by Will Terry
Ages 4-8

FooFrog Foo, the Flying Frog of Washtub Pond
Written & illustrated by Belle Yang
Ages 3-7

Quentin Blake's Ten Frogs/Dix Grenouilles:
A Book About Counting in English and French
Written & illustrated by Quentin Blake
Pavilion Children's Books
Ages 4-8

The Frog with the Big Mouth
Set in the rainforest "by Iguazu Falls, where Argentina meets Brazil," the Frog with the Big Mouth is on the hop, boasting about his fly eating capabilities to any animal that will listen. Illustrated with verdant greens and filled with interesting points of view, Will Terry does a nice job complementing Teresa Bateman's text. And with a funny, "I should have seen it coming" ending, readers are bound to enjoy the adventures of Frog.

Foo, the Flying Frog of Washtub Pond
I think frogs must just be boastful creatures because Foo is on a roll, bragging to his friends Mao-Mao and Sue-Lin. But he gets his comeuppance and lands on his feet both figuratively and literally. Described as having a "remarkable style influenced by childhood memories of Taiwan and Japan, her experience immigrating to the United States at age seven, and her studies in Scotland and China," Belle Yang has an interesting illustrating style that continues to grow on me. Nice work Belle!

Quentin Blake's Ten Frogs/Dix Grenouilles
I was already a Blake fan from his Roald Dahl illustrations and continue to be with this fun counting book. His quick and quirky make for a fun English/French counting book. I think his "5 Rats" page is my favorite.

Use Ten Frogs as the inspiration to create a class counting book. Have students illustrate their own number page to be bound into a class book. For a home/school connection, xerox the book and send copies home with students.


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