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New Review Tuesday: Change-Up

21VUREcTG9L._SL500_AA180_ Last week I blogged about a baseball/poetry twofer; Gene Fehler's Change-Up is another collection of baseball poems, this one for readers in grades 2–5. With 38 free-verse poems on topics ranging from Grandpa's tough pitches to baseball superstitions to rained-out games, this anthology really gets at the heart of the sport.

If you're covering poetry this month, I would use Change-Up to talk about conveying different emotions as well as point of view and perspective. Indeed, the poem "Perspective" compares what it's like to stand in the outfield versus the batter's box, with the words spaced out and floating in the first half of the poem and tightly packed in the second half.

Try challenging kids to write a similar poem about a different sport—the difference between playing soccer midfielder and goalie, perhaps, or what it's like to stand in the diving board versus swim laps. Encourage writers to switch up the physical look of words on the page, as Fehler does.

For more poetry picks, check out my column in this month's issue of Instructor.


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