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Picture Book Thursday: Spring Has Sprung

Ohwhatabeautifulday Oh, What a Beautiful Day!: A Counting Book
Written by Jeanne Modesitt
Illustrated by Robin Spowart
Ages 2-6

Agardenofopposites A Garden of Opposites
Written and illustrated by Nancy Davis
Ages 3-8

Thetwelvedaysofspringtime The Twelve Days of Springtime: A School Counting Book
Written by Deborah Lee Rose
Illustrated by Carey Armstrong-Ellis
Ages 4-8

Oh, What a Beautiful Day!: A Counting Book
How can you not enjoy a book depicting hugging hamsters, flipping ferrets, and a prancing pig? Young readers will enjoy the simple counting and fun rhyming. Combined with illustrator Robin Spowart's simple color palette and color pencil-like strokes, spring is in the air. Sitting under a tree is the perfect place to share this book with students.

A Garden of Opposites
Printed on heavy paper with young readers in mind, this title features illustrations reminiscent of Lois Ehlert's work. With bold shapes and colors, Nancy Davis features opposites like asleep and awake, plain and fancy, and short and long. As a special treat, there is a fold-out at the end, where children can search for more opposites and check their finds by reading the butterfly's trail on the endpapers.  

The Twelve Days of Springtime: A School Counting Book
Any teacher who reads this book is going to immediately recognize that the creators have done their homework. The tank of tadpoles, easel board displays, craft projects, and writing on the chalk board are all familiar scenes to anyone who has spent in an elementary classroom. Combine this attention to detail with the humorous goings-on of the students and the teacher trying to hold it all together and you have one heck of a fun read aloud.

Using construction paper, students can create a set of opposites to be featured on a class bulletin board. Choose a theme like gardens, the ocean, or space and list the opposites on the side.



I think she'd like Oh, What a Beautiful Day! as well. They're all super books.

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I think the 3rd book is nice for my 3-year old daughter. She loves pictures and I can see her eagerness to learn about numbers. The best thing is she'll also be educated on what spring is, I'm sure she'll love this book.

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