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Friday Blog Round Up

Manfish All the talk of Jacques Cousteau at GreatKidBooks has me reminiscing as well.  Although I only have vague recollections of watching his specials as a tot, to me he was the Jeff Corwin of the ocean. You don't want to miss Manfish, the new book about his adventures.

So I was checking out some top 10 picture book lists on BookLights when I came across this tidbit: Can you guess which funny man and picture book author/illustrator used to write for Sesame Street?

I'm with Christine at the BookBench. Our recent record breaking heat wave had me ready to pull out every winter-themed book I could find, but she saved the day for me with a favorite Poppleton book.

Are you interested in winning a copy of Janet Halfmann's new Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea? Then pop on over to ReadingRumpus for numerous ways to enter the contest.

Newsflash! "Mir gives her son the week off to do some birthday bonding with her daughter over a great book." Now you know how much I enjoy KitchenTableReviews. It's worth a peek to see which book was birthday worthy.

Alrighty folks. I'm off to find the latest on bunny picture books for next week's review. Have a super weekend and we'll see you then.


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