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Picture Book Thursday: And For My Next Trick...

MoonRabbit Moon Rabbit

Written & Illustrated by Natalie Russell
Ages 3-6

BunnyCanBake This Little Bunny Can Bake
Written & Illustrated by Janet Stein
Ages 4-8

Miffy_Artist Miffy the Artist
Written & Illustrated by Dick Bruna
Ages 4-8

Moon Rabbit

Wow!  This book had me rooting for Little Rabbit to find a soul mate. After falling asleep at the park, this city-loving rabbit meets a brown rabbit with the same taste in music. In fact, he plays the guitar. After dancing, picnics, and fun, Little Rabbit begins to pine for her life in the city. When she returns, it's with the knowledge that there is a kindred spirit out there and they can keep in touch by visiting. Combine this sweet story with Natalie Russell's use of color and printmaking skills and you have a book your students will enjoy.

This Little Bunny Can Bake
I make it a policy not to skip the endpapers when I'm reading a book, so when I saw these endpapers included recipes, I was intrigued. They all look yummy. When you get to the recipe for "Chocolate Salami" don't worry, there's no actual salami involved.

If you want to learn how to make some of these desserts, and you happen to be an animal, you might consider Chef George's School of Dessertology. Bunny does, along with a host of goofy animals. The back story told through the illustrations is as likely to keep you laughing, as it is your students. (The picture of the mouse raising his hand in the measuring cup is priceless.)

Miffy the Artist
You can take the rabbit out of the museum but you can't take the museum out of the rabbit. When Miffy gets back from a visit to the museum, she is inspired to create her own works of art and then posts them to create her own exhibit.  

Dick Bruna's use of primary and secondary colors and simple shapes makes for an endearing and straightforward title. Simply put, this is THE perfect book to read to young students preparing for a museum visit.

This is an activity I just completed with my class. I downloaded color copies of famous works of art and had my students choose one to reproduce. They used markers for the outline and then filled in with colored pencils. Once they were mounted on construction paper "frames," I hung the artwork in the hall alongside the color copies. Students from neighboring classrooms continue to comment on how much they enjoy our museum.


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