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Picture Book Thursday: Chicks

Missingchick The Missing Chick
Written and illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev

Candlewick Press

Ages 4-8

Littlechick Little Chick
Written by Amy Hest
Illustrated by Anita Jeram
Ages 4-8

Toughchicks Tough Chicks
Written by Cece Meng
Illustrated by Melissa Suber
Ages 4-8

The Missing Chick

I have to admit, right off the bat, that I am a Valeri Gorbachev fan. His artwork has always reminded me of that of Garth Williams, another of my all-time favorite illustrators. He once again delivers with The Missing Chick, a Richard Scarry-esque mystery about a missing chick. With good-hearted help from the police, firefighters, neighbors, and a detective, the chick is found safe and sound in a laundry basket. The cute characters and simple plot will keep children engrossed. 

Little Chick
I honestly was not expecting this book to be able to pull off three entertaining stories, but they're all very sweet. Children will find them affirming as Little Chick struggles with life's wonders. "The Carrot That Would Not Grow," "The Kite That Would Not Fly" and "The Starry Night" all feature the nurturing relationship between Little Chick and Old-Auntie.  

My favorite tale has Old -Auntie offering some words of wisdom: "'A tall carrot is certainly nice,' agreed Old-Auntie. 'But sometimes,' she whispered, 'a small carrot is just what you need.'"  This book could easily become a beloved classic.

Tough Chicks
Are they tough? Well they're certainly not punks, but tough in more of a resourceful and inquisitive way. Much to the chagrin of their barnyard buddies, they also know how to have a good time, diving after barn flies, roping the roosters, and rolling in the pigpen. When it's time to save the day, they jump into action, stopping the tractor from hitting the hen house -- and then going so far as to repair it. These are some chicks I'd want watching my back!

Take a white paper plate and cut it in half in a zigzag fashion. Attach the two halves with a brad fastener to create a "cracked egg."  Cut out a chick from yellow construction paper and glue it to the back of one half of the plate.  When the egg "cracks" the chick should peek out.


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