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Video Wednesday -- Weston Wood clips

I have fond memories of watching Weston Woods film strips in my Elementary school library; the excitement of watching a book come to life, the whirl of the projector, the smell of old books, the carpet square under my seat. I still get a little thrill when I watch them.

Recently, I added 36 clips of my favorite Weston Woods videos to our video center. It wasn't easy picking through 400+ books, but it sure was fun.

I found some new favorites, such as Knuffle Bunny and Is Your Mama a Llama? As well as some true classics, including Blueberries for Sal and Strega Nona.

I always liked this one -- Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears? -- for the colorful illustrations (courtesy of Leo and Diane Dillon). Watch: 

See all 36 Weston Woods video clips.

And visit our friends at Weston Woods if you don't see a clip you remember. They've got hundreds!


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