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New Book: "Fire" by Kristin Cashore

Graceling_cover Imagine my excitement when the advanced reader for Fire -- the prequel to Graceling hit my desk this week. Graceling by Kristin Cashore was one of my favorite reads of last year and Fire takes place a few decades earlier in the land neighboring Monsea, called the Dells.

The first few chapters are about baby Leck, so I'm thoroughly creeped out, but looking forward to meeting the new characters and hoping to find someone as crush-worthy as Prince Po. (*dreamy sigh*)

But really this is just the juicy intermezzo before the sequel to Graceling, called Bitterblue, is released. That book will take place six years later and is (obviously) about Queen Bitterblue. But Katsa and Po are said to make an appearance and I've spent a lot of time day-dreaming about what those two might be up to. (Haven't you?)

If you've yet to read Graceling, I highly recommend. It would be a great read for a girl age 15 and older who's looking for a tough gal heroine in a land far, far away.

Read more about this series on Kristin Cashore's blog.

Hmmm, now where is my advanced reader for Catching Fire?


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