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Harry Houdini for Kids

Harry Houdini for Kids:

His Life and Adventures with 21 Magic Tricks and Illusions
Written by Laurie Carlson
Ages 8-13

And it's a bonus book review for you this week folks. Chock-full of primary source materials, Harry Houdini for Kids is a nice segue into the world of magic. It features illustrated directions for numerous tricks, including the "Magic Key Trick" and the "Lift a Person with One Hand Trick," as well as directions for making "slimy ectoplasm" and other such crafty concoctions.  

Using some slight of hand, author Laurie Carlson manages to slip in the science behind the magic. Students are bound to enjoy the projects and tricks, whether they perform them independently or as a group in class. For some real fun, have students practice the various tricks and put on a show for a neighboring classroom.


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