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Celebrate the Life of Award-Winning Author Sid Fleischman


March 16, 1920 — March 17, 2010

The Whipping Boy

1987 Newbery Medal

"I write what I am. When I sit down to a blank street of paper, I may become a yellow-haired boy, a snarling pirate, a prankish wizard's ghost, or even a dog with arrogant wolf's eyes. But beneath all the makeup, the wigs and putty noses — that's me: off on a fresh adventure and having as much fun as I can." — Sid Fleischman

Celebrate the life and works of Newbery Award-winning author Sid Fleischman with these Teaching Resources at Scholastic.com:


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Thanks for sharing the information about Sid Fleischman who was the best author of children’s literature and worked exemplifies excellence in the genre of humor in children’s literature. He is known as Children’s Author.

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