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Author Event: Deborah Wiles, author of Countdown

DEBORAH WILES: Saturday, June 26th, from 1 to 3pm Washington, D.C.

CountdownDeborah Wiles, award-winning author of Each Little Bird that Sings, takes us back to 1962 where twelve-year-old Franny Chapman lives in D.C., and must cope with the national fears surrounding the Cuban Missile Crisis in Countdown, the first book in Wiles' 1960's trilogy.

Countdown "has a striking scrapbook feel, with ingeniously selected and placed period photographs, cartoons, essays, song lyrics, quotations, advertisements and “duck and cover” instructions interspersed through the narrative.” — Starred review, Kirkus Reviews

National Museum of American History
14th and Constitution NW
Washington, DC 20045
(212) 202-633-7400


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