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Author Event: Elizabeth Eulberg, author of The Lonely Hearts Club

ELIZABETH EULBERG: Tuesday, July 6th, at 7pm Princeton, NJ

Lonely Hearts Elizabeth Eulberg reads from The Lonely Hearts Club, her debut novel about what happens when teen Penny Lane swears off guys.

"This first novel will be a draw for readers looking for an upbeat take on friendship, empowerment, and finding romance without losing yourself." — Booklist

Barnes and Noble
3535 US Route 1
Princeton NJ 08540
(609) 897-9250


Loretta Haynes

The name of my book is called ,if you had not guessed is 'Ten Little Pennies For Some Bubble Gum (Pop!!)

Loretta Haynes

I do want to let all to know that you can find my book at amazon.com and soon will be at Barnes and Nobel. If you wish to contact me because I am a story teller and love how my stories help the children to learn and interact with the story by my songs, props, books and all sorts of creativity that families and children can enjoy. My email is lohayne53@yahoo.com and phone number is 618-3431092. As always take a look and read a book because a book of words and pictures takes you where you want to go where creativity and fun with learning is a wonderful part of reading.

Loretta Haynes

My name is Loretta Haynes and I am a preschool teacher and I was inspired to write a story about pennies and bubble gum. My book is colorful, fun and very educational. It helps to bring laughter and joy to all who read it. My website is www.tenlittlepenniesforsomebubblegum.com have a razzelkidazzel day. Pleas take a look and read along with me as you can hear me tell the story and we can read together.

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