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AUTHOR EVENT: Eireann Corrigan, author of Ordinary Ghosts

Accomplice Please join Eireann Corrigan, author of well-received books for teens such as You Remind Me of You, Splintering, and Ordinary Ghosts, as she makes an appearance to support her latest work, Accomplice, a thrilling book about high school friends Chloe and Finn who come up with a plan to stage Chloe's disappearance and then have Finn miraculously find her. Things rapidly get out of hand as unexpected problems arise.

Praise for Accomplice

"Corrigan delivers an addictive cautionary tale in this twisted unraveling of mean girl machinations. This commentary on the fictions underlying celebrity culture and the cruelty and bravery of this memorable heroine are both haunting and provocative." - Publishers Weekly, starred review

Tuesday, September 21st @ 7:00PM   
290 Commons Way   
Bridgewater, NJ       
(908) 231-0111


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