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AUTHOR EVENT: Jules Feiffer and Norton Juster

Orge Join author Norton Juster and illustrator Jules Feiffer, the collaborators behind The Phantom Toolbooth, as they make several fall appearances in support of their latest project together, The Odious Ogre, the story of a really rotten Ogre who is extraordinarily large, exceedingly ugly, unusually angry, constantly hungry, and absolutely merciless. 

Praise for The Odious Ogre
"Kids [are] sure to enjoy Juster's rich wordplay and happily ridiculous story and Feiffer's wonderfully scratchy and energetic watercolors of the greedy ogre, the terrified townspeople and the utterly pleasant and otherwise unremarkable heroine. A delicious morsel with which to whet the palate for other works by these giants of children's literature." - Kirkus

September 25th @ TBD   
National Book Festival   
Washington DC
September 26th @ 11:00 AM   
Politics & Prose Bookstore  
5015 Connecticut Avenue NW   
Washington DC 20008   
(202) 364-1919

October 9th @ TBD   
Brown Dog Books and Gifts  
22 Commerce Street #3   
Hinesburg, VT 05461   
(802) 482-5189
* Norton Juster solo appearance

October 10th @ 1:00 PM   
Flying Pig   

5247 Shelburne Road   
Shelburne, VT   
(802) 985-3999
* Norton Juster solo appearance

November 13-14th @ TBD   
Connecticut Book Fair  
Storrs, CT


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