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AUTHOR EVENT: Blue Balliett, author of Chasing Vermeer

Thursday, October 7th, @ 7 p.m. -- Ann Arbor, MI


Blue Balliett, the author of the acclaimed books Chasing Vermeer, The Wright 3, and The Calder Game, makes an appearance in support of her latest work, The Danger Box, a spellbinding new mystery where history, mystery, and science all collide as a small boy in a small town becomes part of something much, much bigger than himself.

Praise for The Danger Box
"Readers can always count on Balliett to offer a story filled with intrigue, insight, and offbeat memorable characters." -- Children's Literature

Thursday, October 7th, @ 7 p.m.   
Borders Ann Arbor

3140 Lohr Road   
Ann Arbor, MI 48108


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