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AUTHOR EVENT: Elizabeth Eulberg, Prom & Prejudice


Elizabeth Eulberg, author of The Lonely Hearts Club, appears in support of her new novel, Prom & Prejudice.

Monday, December 27th @6pm    
Books and Beans       
                          2830 New Pinery Road   
                          Portage, WI 53901       
                          (608) 742-6300

Praise for The Lonely Hearts Club:

"A must-read for anyone who's ever fallen in love--or sworn it off completely. A funny, fantastic debut." — Stephenie Meyer, author of The Twilight Saga

"The Lonely Hearts Club turns the world of teen dating upside-down, proving that a girl can ignore 'the rules' and still land squarely, happily, and hilariously on her feet." — Lauren Myracle, author of ttyl


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