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Live in the Tri-State Area? Free Tickets to Meg Cabot Event March 12!

Scholastic is hosting an Allie Finkle Super Sleepover with author Meg Cabot and celebrity host Caroline Rhea. If you live in the tri-state area, you and your child can sign up for tickets to this live event.

What: Allie Finkle’s Super Sleepover LIVE Event

When: March 12, 2009 at 7:30 p.m. EST

Where: Scholastic Auditorium: 557 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Why: We’re celebrating the release of Best Friends and Drama Queens, the newest book in Meg Cabot’s best-selling Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls series

Who: You and your parent or guardian

How: RSVP here (bottom of the page) -- then print out and bring your ticket with to the event.

Dress: Pajamas (optional)

You can also submit questions in advance on the RSVP page.

CBC Book Awards Finalists 2009

The 2009 CBC Children's Choice Book Award finalists have been announced. Nearly 15,000 children and teens cast votes to determine the list -- and thousands more will weigh in on who should win.

Kid Lit Kit applauds all the fantastic nominated books, authors, and illustrators. The Scholastic finalists are:

Fifth Grade to Sixth Grade Book of the Year
100 Most Dangerous Things On the Planet by Anna Claybourne 
Amulet, Book One: The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi (watch an interview with Kibuishi and the Amulet book trailer)

Teen Choice Book Award
Airhead by Meg Cabot (see the Airhead video booktalk)
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
(read Hunger Games chapter one (PDF), watch an interview with Collins, find The Hunger Games discussion guide)

9780439634250_lg Illustrator of the Year
Jon J Muth, Zen Ties

Encourage your students to vote at www.BookWeekOnline.com from March 16 through May 3. 

Friday's Missing Kid Lit Round-Up

(Note from Amy: Ah technology, you wonderful, wild beast. Jeremy's Friday post resurfaced inexplicably in our What's New blog (a very good blog in its own right. I recommend you check it out if you haven't already). So, here it is, back where it belongs. We're getting piles of snow today. If you are too, hope you're enjoying it curled up with a good book. What's your favorite book for a snowy day?)

Neddiad_interview Hi folks. You can imagine my surprise as I was listening to Car Talk this weekend when who should I hear but that king of NPR kid lit himself, Daniel Pinkwater (read an interview with Pinkwater).  It was a blast to listen to him talk about his search for the perfect car -- see what the winning car was.

Attention all you Grace Lin fans: If you're in the Cambridge area this summer, you're invited to the book launch of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. A virtual party is in the works as well "with the grand prize being your name or your likeness (or your child's, whatever you prefer) in an upcoming book of mine!," announced Grace Lin.

I'm guessing you haven't had a chance to put much thought into quality manga for kids, but now there's  no need to!  The folks at School Library Journal have done it for you. So go ahead and check out Zelda, Clover, and Kaya  (you know you want to.)

The Red House Children's Book Award nominations have been announced in the UK. Lo and behold, Allan Ahlberg's The Pencil made the cut. Savvy readers will remember that title from my very first post here on the Kid Lit Kit.

And lastly, if you're in the mood for a three-day, two-night trip to New York City then do I have a contest for you. Enter the Share Your Love for Scholastic.com Contest and you might win a trip to visit with the fine folks at Scholastic.

Well, it's that time folks. I need to head off to ready the classroom for another day of kindergarten and field test some new titles for you. Have a super weekend, and we'll see you back here on Monday. 

Friday Special: Gone Fishing

(Note from Amy: Well, we experienced a little computer blip this morning when Jeremy's Friday Round-Up mysteriously disapeared into the netherworld of computer-land. It was a good one, too! Filled with Daniel Pinkwater on Car Talk and other fun and interesting tidbits that Jeremy's so good at finding. So, we reached into our secret vault and found this never-been-shared post. It does seem appropriate. To explain it technically, Jeremy's origial post "went fishing." Thanks for visiting the Kid Lit Kit and have a great weekend!)

Gone Fishing: Ocean Life by the Numbers
Written and illustrated by David McLimans
Walker & Company
Age Range: 4-8 yrs
Publication Date: October 2008

Gone_fishing_4 Gone_wild_3 Hey folks. It's nearly summer! Well, no, but it does feel just a little bit like spring today. It makes it possible to believe it will be warm again someday. In keeping with the summrey theme, I chose David McLimans’ Gone Fishing: Ocean Life by the Numbers.  You may remember his previous Caldecott Honor book, my silver medal segue, Gone Wild: An Endangered Animal Alphabet.


Gone Fishing is illustrated in black, blue and white, a palette that fits beautifully with the ocean themed illustrations.  Mr. McLimans leads the reader through the numbers one through 10, pauses for some ocean facts, and then counts back down from 10. Students with a keen eye will pick up on the color scheme changing from black and white on blue to blue and white on black.

It’s worth noting that along with listing information about the various sea creatures, the author has gathered some pretty revealing facts about the way we mistreat oceans.

•    Plastic waste kills up to 1 million seabirds every year.

•    There are 220,000 pounds of garbage swirling out in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and it is growing every year.

•    About 10 million shipping containers arrive in the United States each year. Worldwide, about 10,000 containers fall overboard each year.

But readers need not despair; a list of Web sites that help the oceans finishes off the book. What a great way to inform and empower readers!

For a quick activity, make copies of the small animals as they appear in the sidebars and have students pick one. After they have drawn the habitat of their chosen creature, students can paste their animal to the paper. Display the artwork on a bulletin board or bind the pictures to create a class book.

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