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Author Reading: Michael Garland and Oh, What a Christmas!

Join Santa's wild ride in this soon-to-be Christmas classic! Michael Garland reads aloud from his new picture book, Oh, What a Christmas!

9780545242103_sm[1]Saturday, December 17th at 11am
Boulevard Books & Café       
7518 13th Avenue   
Brooklyn, NY 11228   


When the harness to Santa's sleigh breaks mid-flight, Dasher, Dancer, and the rest of the reindeer gang fly off into the night...leaving Santa and all of his presents stranded! Who will guide Santa's sleigh and save Christmas now? Luckily, Santa lands near a tiny barn filled with sleepy animals. With a twinkle in his eye, Santa sees a solution and wonders how well cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and an old hound dog can fly.

Author Event: Quiara Alegria Hudes and Welcome to My Neighborhood

Join author Quiara Alegria Hudes as she reads from her book, Welcome to My Neighborhood!: A Barrio ABC. 

9780545094245_lg[1] Saturday, November 19th from 12 - 3 p.m.   
El Museo del Barrio       
1230 Fifth Avenue at 104th Street   
New York, NY 10029   

About the book:

M is for las muralistas, making murals of island vistas. Waterfalls that hide brick walls. Rainforest full of tropical trees.

N is for the noisy neighbors who sit on the stoop and catch the breeze.

When Ava's friend Chien visits her in the Barrio, she takes him on a tour of all of her favorite things about the neighborhood. From fire hydrants to ice cream trucks, bodegas to vacant lots, the sights and sounds of the Barrio — even the less perfect things — come to life in the poetic words of Quiara Hudes, author of the Tony Award-winning musical In the Heights.

Praise for Welcome to My Neighborhood! A Barrio ABC

*"An expressive girl takes a friend on a poetic tour of her inner-city neighborhood. "E is for the echo of the elevated train./ F is for the fire hydrant spraying summer rain." Chalky, gouache washes capture both the vital and gently dilapidated elements of city life: "Q is for quemar, to burn a house to the ground beneath,/ making a block full of row homes look like a smile that's missing its two front teeth." The subtle presence of the girl's personal narrative and her nuanced understanding of what makes her neighborhood home set this ABC book apart. Spanish-language edition also available." — Publishers Weekly, starred review

Author reading: Amy Gibson, Around the World on Eighty Legs

Author Amy Gibson reads from her new picture book, Around the World on Eighty Legs!

9780439587556_lg[1] About the book:

A fun, fresh animal journey! Amy Gibson and Daniel Salmieri take readers on an  exciting animal adventure around the globe. As readers explore habitats ranging from the Arctic to the Savanna, they will learn fun and humorous information about the animals who live there.

Monday, November 7th at 6 p.m.
B&N #1944
3600 Stevens Creek Blvd   
San Jose, CA 95117

Author Reading: Arthur Levine and Monday is One Day

Join author and editor Arthur A. Levine as he reads from his picture book, Monday is One Day.

9780439789240_lg[1] Wednesday, November 2nd at 7 p.m.   
Secret Garden Bookshop   
2214 Northwest Market Street   
Seattle, WA 98107   

About the book:

A love note from a working parent to a child, counting the days of the week — each one a special opportunity to spend time together!

One by one, the days of the week roll by. Monday is one day, Tuesday is blue shoes day, and Wednesday is halfway day.

When Saturday and Sunday finally come, it's time for little ones and the adults who love them to play, share, and celebrate. Every day of the week offers a special opportunity for families to enjoy being together!

Author Event: Cynthia Lord at the Burlington Book Festival

Join author Cynthia Lord as she reads from her picture book, Happy Birthday Hamster, at the Burlington Book Festival this weekend.

9780545255226_lg[1] About the book:

Pink cake, blue cake, chocolate through-and-through cake.

Short cake, tall cake, cannot-eat-it-all cake.


Newbery Honor author Cynthia Lord and New York Times bestselling illustrator Derek Anderson return with a tale chock-full of fun rhymes and hilarious artwork about Hamster's favorite day: his birthday! But is it possible that Dog and his friends have forgotten all about it? Not a chance. Join them as they plan the best surprise birthday party ever!

Sunday, September 25th      
Burlington Book Festival   
Burlington, VT       

Author Event: Kate McMullan and Bulldog's Big Day

9780545171557_sm[1] Join award-winning author Kate McMullan as she tells the story of Bulldog, a lovable pup who is searching for a job, with the help of his friends.

Saturday, June 25th at 10am   
Playful Learning   
78 Main Street, #14   
Sag Harbor, NY    11963   
(631) 899-4406

Everyone is on their way to work in Bulldog's Big Day — everyone, that is, except Bulldog. As his friends help him find a job, Bulldog's good intentions clash with his hilarious clumsiness. He crashes a ladder through Giraffe's firehouse roof, discovers his fear of heights when he tries to wash windows with Spider, sends Moose's canvas flying when he sneezes, and tries Elephant's patience when he's caught reading the books he's supposed to shelve. In the end, Bulldog finds out that you have to love your job in order to be good at it, and he opens a bakery with his friends' support.


Author Appearance: Brian Sendelbach and The Underpants Zoo

Underpantszoo Join author Brian Sendelback as he reads from his new picture book, The Underpants Zoo.

Saturday, June 18th from 12-2pm   
Books of Wonder   
18 West 18th Street   
New York, NY 10011   

"There's a new zoo in town,
and here's what I've heard:
The Underpants Zoo
is completely absurd."

What kind of underpants does a lion wear? What about an elephant? The answers to these questions will have readers laughing and turning the page to find out more!


Author Event: Mark Teague and LaRue Across America

9780439915021_sm[1] Join author Mark Teague as he reads from his newest book, LaRue Across America.

Monday, May 2nd at 6:30pm
Barnes & Noble
7881 Edinger Ave. #110   
Huntington Beach, CA 92647   

About the Book:
Ike's plans for a peaceful cruise with Mrs. LaRue are thwarted when their neighbor, Mrs. Hibbins, falls suddenly ill from heat stroke. Mrs. LaRue suggests that she and Ike care for her cats while Mrs. Hibbins is in the hospital, inviting them along on the cruise. But cats aren't allowed, and Mrs. LaRue decides to take them all on a week's vacation of road-tripping.

Author Appearances: LA Times Festival of Books

Join SIX different Scholastic authors at the this year's annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on Saturday, April 30th and Sunday, May 1st. All appearances will be at the University of Southern California Campus. Please visit the LA Times website for exact location details.

9780545231350_sm[1] Pam Munoz Ryan
Tony Baloney
Saturday, April 30th at 12:30pm

9780545240772_sm[1] Elizabeth Eulberg
Prom & Prejudice
Saturday, April 30th at 12:30pm 



9780545208857_sm[1]Kazu Kibuishi
The Cloud Searchers (Book 3 in the Amulet series)
Saturday, April 30th at 3:30pm



9780545060790_sm[1] Cecil Castelucci
Rose Sees Red
Sunday, May 1st at 12pm 



9780545107297_sm[1] Blake Nelson
Recovery Road
Sunday, May 1st at 1:30pm

9780439915021_sm[1] Mark Teague
LaRue Across America
Sunday, May 1st at 12:35pm

Author Appearances: Arthur Levine and Monday is One Day

9780439789240_sm[1] Join author Arthur Levine as he reads from his newest picture book, Monday is One Day.

The hardest part of going to work is being away from you.
Let's count the days until we're both at home
with a special thing to do.

One by one, the days of the week roll by. Monday is one day. Tuesday's blue shoes day. Wednesday's halfway day. With monster roars and splashy puddles, with crazy ties and hugs, kids and perents count the perfect small moments of their weekday time together, looking forward to the weekend, when the days will be all theirs.

Friday, April 29th at 6:30pm
Wild Rumpus   
2720 W 43rd St   
Minneapolis, MN 55410   

Sunday, May 1st at 2pm
The Red Balloon Bookshop   
891 Grand Avenue   
St. Paul, MN 55105   

AUTHOR APPEARANCE: Karen Beaumont, Shoe-la-la!

9780545067058_sm[1] Join New York Times bestselling author Karen Beaumont as she reads from her newest book, Shoe-la-la!

Wednesday, March 16th at 3pm
1378 Lincoln Avenue  
San Jose, CA 95125   
(408) 292-8880

About the book:
Join Emily, Ashley, Kaitlyn, and Claire as they search for the perfect pair of party shoes. Girls of all ages will love to shoe shop with these four fabulous friends. From "fuzzy boots for when it snows" to "ballerinas on our toes," the girls try on every shoe in the store, but "eeny, meeny, my, oh, my, [they] just don't know which shoes to buy." With some feathers and glitter, a little bit of glue, and a LOT of imagination, the girls come up with the best shoes of all!

AUTHOR EVENT: Leonid Gore and Worms for Lunch

9780545243384_sm[1] Join author Leonid Gore as he reads from his new picture book, Worms for Lunch. In this funny, lighthearted romp that celebrates indivudal taste, young readers will relish guessing what each different animal calls lunch. And they'll be hungry to read this one again!

Saturday, March 5th at 10am
Watchung Booksellers   
54 Fairfield Street   
Montclair, NJ 07042   
(973) 744-7177

AUTHOR EVENT: Derek Anderson and Story County

9780545168441_sm[1] Award-winning illustrator Derek Anderson welcomes you to the publication party for his new book, Story County: Here We Come!. Story County is the place where friends Farmer, Dog, Pig, Chicken, and Miss Cow create a special farm through teamwork. It is the kind of place where anything can, and usually does, happen. Together these friends paint the barn a rainbow of colors, plant jelly beans and candy corn, and fashion a fabulous scarecrow, until presto! -- the farm is done. Or is it?

Derek Anderson was born and raised in the real Story County, which is located in the center of Iowa farm country. He loved visiting his grandfather's farm when he was growing up. "It was such a fun, almost magical place to explore," he says. "I wanted to create a farm in my book that had that same feeling -- a place where anything is possible."

Saturday, February 12th at 10:30am
Red Balloon Bookshop   
891 Grand Avenue   
St Paul, MN 55105-3008   
(651) 224-8320

Monday, February 21st at 10:30am   
Wild Rumpus       
2720 W 43rd St   
Minneapolis, MN    55410     
(612) 920-5005

AUTHOR APPEARANCE: Karen Beaumont, Shoe-la-la!

Shoe Join New York Times bestselling author Karen Beaumont as she reads from her newest book, Shoe-la-la!

Thursday, February 10th from 3-5pm
80 East 2nd Street   
Morgan Hill, CA    95037   
(408) 778-6467

About the book:
Join Emily, Ashley, Kaitlyn, and Claire as they search for the perfect pair of party shoes. Girls of all ages will love to shoe shop with these four fabulous friends. From "fuzzy boots for when it snows" to "ballerinas on our toes," the girls try on every shoe in the store, but "eeny, meeny, my, oh, my, [they] just don't know which shoes to buy." With some feathers and glitter, a little bit of glue, and a LOT of imagination, the girls come up with the best shoes of all!

ILLUSTRATOR EVENT: Alix Delinois, Eight Days

9780545278492_sm Join illustrator Alix Delinois as he appears in support of Eight Days: A Story of Haiti.

Saturday, January 15th at 11am
Greenlight Bookstore       
686 Fulton St (at South Portland)   
Brooklyn, NY 11217   
(718) 246-0200

About This Book

From National Book Award nominee Edwidge Danticat comes a timely, brilliantly crafted story of hope and imagination — a powerful tribute to Haiti and children around the world.

Hope comes alive in this heartfelt and deeply resonating story.

While Junior is trapped for eight days beneath his collapsed house after an earthquake, he uses his imagination for comfort. Drawing on beautiful, everyday-life memories, Junior paints a sparkling picture of Haiti for each of those days — flying kites with his best friend or racing his sister around St. Marc's Square — helping him through the tragedy until he is finally rescued.

Love and hope dance across each page — granting us a way to talk about resilience as a family, a classroom, or a friend.

Praise for Eight Days: A Story of Haiti

"Using rich acrylics and thick brushwork, Delinois (Haiti-born, like the author) creates active, emotionally charged playscapes from which the narrator often looks up gravely, making steady eye contact with viewers as if to say: I am strong enough for this. Danticat closes this powerful, affirmative statement with an eloquent author’s note." — Kirkus, starred review

Author Event: Leonid Gore, The Wonderful Book

6a00e54faaf86b88330133f5879e7f970b-800wi[1] Join Leonid Gore as he reads from The Wonderful Book, a heartwarming and delightful romp that's sure to become a classic for young book lovers everywhere.




Sunday, November 21st, from 1-3pm   
Books of Wonder       
18 West 18th Street   
New York, NY 10011
(212) 989-3270

AUTHOR EVENTS: David Shannon

Itschristmasdavid David Shannon, the award-winning artist and best-selling author of It's Christmas, David, makes several November appearances in support of his fourth full-length book featuring the irrepressible David.

"An unusually funny read-aloud for Christmas." - Booklist

"Shannon's irresistible illustrations show David's emotions careening from hope to anticipation to sadness to joy, with a masterful use of perspective keeping the reader on the same emotional level with the little boy. The touching final page shows David clutching his new fire truck and a note from Santa, with Mom's protective arm around him as always." - Kirkus

"Emotions are easily conveyed, from David's hyper anticipation, to his very real fear that maybe his behavior makes him unworthy of Santa's attention, to the comforting and blissful endpage." - School Library Journal

Wednesday, November 17th @ 2pm   
Mrs. Nelson's Toy and Book Shop   
1030 Bonita Avenue   
La Verne, CA 91750   
(909) 599-4558

Friday, November 19th @ 7pm   
Borders, Inc.   
3700 Torrance Boulevard   
Torrance, CA 90503   
(310) 540-7000

Saturday, November 20th @ 10:30am   
695 East Colorado Boulevard   
Pasadena, CA 91101   
(626) 449-5320

Saturday, November 20th @ 2:30pm   
Whale of a Tale Children's Bookshoppe   
4199 Campus Drive, Suite A   
Irvine, CA 92612   
(949) 854-8288

Wednesday, December 1st @ 5pm   
Barnes & Noble    
1201 3rd Street   
Santa Monica, CA 90401   
(310) 260-9110

Fall 2010 Librarian Preview Webcast

It's not too late to get the inside scoop on upcoming picture books, fiction and nonfiction titles by Walter Dean Myers, David Shannon, and other favorite authors being published by Scholastic's trade imprints this Fall. Watch the Fall 2010 Librarian Preview Webcast today!

Help Reading Is Fundamental


For 40+ years Reading Is Fundamental, Inc. has helped children build literacy skills and provided greater access to books. Now, with funding in jeopardy, RIF needs your help to keep its programs alive. Find out how to support RIF and spread the word.

Plus, help RIF while getting students excited about reading over the summer. Join the 2010 Summer Reading Challenge — students have fun competing to read the most books while participating in Scholastic’s 50,000-book donation to RIF!

Toys for Tots Literacy Program Award Nomination

We know they are out there. Volunteers, students, tutors, librarians, teachers, grandparents - doing their part  to help inspire a love of reading in children. We want to recognize their commitment to helping make a difference in the lives of children.

The Toys for Tots Literacy Program, together with The UPS Store and Scholastic, invites you to nominate someone inspiring in your life who is committed to helping children improve their reading skills.

Learn more about the award and nominate someone now! Nominations must be postmarked by May 31, 2010.

Questions? Email us at literacyaward@scholastic.com

Harry Potter's J.K. Rowling to read LIVE at the White House Easter Egg Roll

J.K. Rowling will read at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday, April 5th — LIVE from Washington, D.C.!

Rowling will read from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone first from 1:30 - 1:45pm ET and then again from 2:00 - 2:15 ET and will answer questions from kids.

The entire event will stream live on whitehouse.gov. Other favorite characters — like Clifford the Big Red Dog, Maya & Miguel, and WordGirl — will be in attendance, too!

Follow @Scholastic and www.OOMScholastic.com to stay in the know!

Celebrate the Life of Award-Winning Author Sid Fleischman


March 16, 1920 — March 17, 2010

The Whipping Boy

1987 Newbery Medal

"I write what I am. When I sit down to a blank street of paper, I may become a yellow-haired boy, a snarling pirate, a prankish wizard's ghost, or even a dog with arrogant wolf's eyes. But beneath all the makeup, the wigs and putty noses — that's me: off on a fresh adventure and having as much fun as I can." — Sid Fleischman

Celebrate the life and works of Newbery Award-winning author Sid Fleischman with these Teaching Resources at Scholastic.com:

Harry Potter Classroom Contest — Enter to WIN!

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will open soon at Universal Orlando Resort in Florida, and you and your class could be there for the grand opening!

By answering the question "Why is my class extraordinary?" in a short video, you and your students could be part of a group on a three-day, two-night trip to the opening celebration festivities.

Review full contest rules and application guidelines for your chance to enter and win. The contest ends March 26, 2010, so get your video entries in!

Continue the excitement with these FREE Harry Potter Teaching Resources at Scholastic online:



Author Events: Sarah MacLean, Liani Taylor, & More

9780545048866_xlgSarah MacLean, author of The Season will be making an appearance at:

Book Cove in Pawling, NY
November 14, 2009 at 1 p.m. ET
Call for details: 845-855-9590

9780545097499_xlg Michael Northrop, author of Gentlemen will be making an appearance at:

Book Cove in Pawling, NY
November 14, 2009 at 1 p.m. ET
Call for details: 845-855-9590

0545055857_xlgLiani Taylor, author of Lips Touch: Three Times and illustrator Jim DiBartolo will be making an appearance at:

Books of Wonder in New York, NY
November 16, 2009 at 6 p.m. ET
Get Details

Marilyn Nelson, author of Beautiful Ballerina and photographer Susan Kuklin will be making an appearance at:

Scholastic Store in New York, NY
December 2, 2009 at 7 p.m. ET
Call for Details: 212-343-6166

Maggie Stiefvater, author of Shiver will be making an appearance at:

Borders, Inc. in Fredericksburg, VA
December 12, 2009 at 2 p.m. ET
Call for Details: 540-785-6171

Save the Dates! Fall Season Webcasts

Fall Season Webcasts Offer Something for Every Student and Teacher

This fall season, Scholastic is offering THREE LIVE WEBCAST events that deliver original, engaging, and interactive content directly into classrooms.

Winter's Tail Winter's Tail: A Virtual Fieldtrip to Clearwater Marine Aquarium
October 7, 2009, 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PST
Students will go deep underwater (while staying on land!) as this webcast explores the facts about dolphins and the inspirational true story of Winter, whose journey of courage and determination is documented with the new book Winter’s Tail: How One Little Dolphin Learned to Swim Again. Author Craig Hatkoff and special guests (including Winter!) will join the webcast too!


Goosebumps Get Goosebumps! with R.L. Stine
October 28, 2009 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PST
What’s Halloween without a few scares? Bestselling author R.L. Stine will weave a spine-tingling story on the spot, with YOUR students’ help! Students can submit their ideas for a thrills-and-chills story in advance, and a tie-in writing contest will see one lucky student and school win a Goosebumps prize package!


The 39 Clues The 39 Clues: Advanced Agent Training
November 2, 2009 1:30 pm EST/10:30 am PST
To unlock the mystery of the 39 clues, kids need highly classified, super-intense skills. Hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, this webcast will offer just that! All five authors, of the first six books of the groundbreaking, multi-platform series, including Rick Riordan will help students uncover the secrets of being an agent. Upon successful completion of the training, your classroom will receive a secret code that unlocks never-before-seen files that will help answer a key question in the series. Pre-register for your webcast event kit and for details on The 39 Clues Advanced Agent Training Essay Contest!


Join us on exciting adventures without leaving your classroom!

Book Video - Family Huddle

It's definitely fall and we're all spending a lot of time in the Scholastic offices thinking about what teachers need and want this time of year. Meanwhile, all I'm thinking about is football. So excuse me as I indulge my two favorite things: football and picture books in this great video:

I love those Manning boys. They do make my Sundays. And this Family Huddle book looks adorable.

It's a Secret: Caldecott Contender?

It's a Secret It's a Secret!
Written & illustrated by John Burningham
Ages 3-9

This latest offering by John Burningham finds Malcolm the cat sleeping by day and venturing out to secret adventures at night. Inquisitive Marie Elaine is not content to let sleeping cats lie and manages to accompany Malcolm to a party after being chased by a gang of dogs.

Mr. Burningham's ability to infuse his illustrations with a wry sense of humor (case in point, the introduction of the dog gang) and his simple but engaging story make for one heck of a read.  He has truly created some magic here and I would think we'll be seeing this book on the Caldecott short list.

TeacherShare Activity

Dog Days of Summer

Wiggens Learns His Manners 
at the Four Seasons
by Leslie McGuirk & Alex von Bidder
Ages 5-9

With hot weather settled in, I thought this would be a good time to feature a dog-themed book and Wiggens fits that bill. This Labrador pup is in need of some manners and he heads to the Four Seasons for training. 

Wiggens and his friends retain their puppy enthusiasm as they're taught about social graces. The quirky speech bubbles are sure to keep kids entertained while the 10 lessons on manners are served up in a unique style.  Bon appetit!

Activity: Generate a list of manners with your students and write them on paper plates. Create a restaurant-themed bulletin board display and post the plates for all to see.

Author Event: Terry Golson, Tillie Lays an Egg


Terry Golson, author of Tillie Lays an Egg is making a live author appearance on September 22, 2009.

Barnes & Noble at 10:30a.m. ET
1 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA

Call for details: 508-628-5567

Find more live Scholastic author events.

New Book: The Tushy Book

TushyBook I was hopping around the web and came upon this adorable trailer for The Tushy Book by Fran Manushkin and illustrated by Tracy Dockray.

It's true! I can't say the word "tushy" without a smile. And the Tushy book website includes downloadable activities, greeting cards and more booty fun.

Perhaps something to add to your summer reading list?

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