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Attending Professional Conferences

I hope that some of you are able to go to conferences. I just returned from the Lakota View Conference in Ohio and spent three wonderful days with teachers and other speakers. Hearing Ellin Keene, Tim Rasinski, Carl Anderson, and Lester Laminack gave me so much to think about—the importance of oral talk, being an adventurer in school reading, listening and teaching through conferring, and the power of prosody. The spirit of learning and sharing stories was ever-present at the conference. Even if you can get to a conference for just one day, it can make a difference in your teaching. Meeting teachers, sharing stories and experiences, and having fun all contribute to helping us grow and become more thoughtful practitioners.
Please tell us about conferences you attended.
Laura Robb


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Lorilee Hill

I have no "conference" stories to share. Hopefully, that will change.
-You taught me a new word though; prosody. Thank you for that! That word contains a whole lot of powerful stuff.

Laura Robb

Dear Lorilee,

I cant wait for you to share conference stories once school starts! Meanwhile, continue to renew your energy and relax your mind!

Thanks for writing!

All best,

Laura Robb

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