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Create a Reading Folder For Each Student

Keeping a reading folder for each student means that I have, in one place, key work samples that enable me to identify conferences topics and determine whether students need scaffolds or re-teaching. Equally important, what I learn informs and guides my instruction.
I refer to the data in the folders during parent-teachers conferences, when meeting with an administrator, and during IEP (Individual Educational Plan) meetings. Here's what goes into a folder during the first semester:
  • What's Easy About Reading? What's Hard About Reading? questionnaire
  • Interest Inventory
  • Reading Survey or Ten Questions About Reading questionnaire
  • Photocopies of two journal entries that reveal progress and/or specific needs.
  • Observational notes of varied learning situations.
  • Copies of tests or quizzes.
  • Notes from the first reading conference
  • Any other papers or projects that you feel should be in the folder.
You can review the folder's contents with students and ask for their feedback. Often, because time has passed since completing the initial survey and questionnaires, students have insights that can support them and guide you. How do you feel about keeping and using a reading folder for each student?
Laura Robb


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