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Blogging in Your Classroom

This year, while working on a reading unit in seventh grade, I decided to meet with strategic reading groups to model good questioning techniques and productive book conversations. Once students understood the purpose and goals of small group discussions, I invited them to have conversations on our class blog. All students loved discussing their books this way. A great bonus was that students reluctant to share and those who assiduously avoided sharing all participated on the blog. In evaluations, seventh graders gave high ratings to blog discussions.
I invite teachers who use blogs in the classroom to share what they and students do. We will all benefit from this extended conversation.
Laura Robb

Illustrations Spotlight Comprehension

Try integrating drawing into projects on instructional or independent reading. Students can illustrate a poem, a chapter from a book, or a short text. Illustrations can highlight a character's problem, personality, a conflict, a theme, or a big idea. Another way to integrate art into reading is to have students create an illustrated time line of five or six key events in a novel. For students who are visual and artistic, drawing is a terrific way to illustrate their understanding of and insights into a text. Try to reserve time for students to present these projects to the class.
Please share successful reading projects you've done that integrate drawing, music, or dance.
Laura Robb

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