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The Flavor of Good Decisions

 Three fifth graders in an Illinois school missed their chocolate flavored milk.  In an effort to combat childhood obesity, the Barrington Community Unit School District 220 had decided to serve only white milk.  So the kids approached school administrators with a petition, arguing that students like flavored milk better than white milk and would drink more of it, thus increasing their calcium intake.

 According to the Chicago Tribune (chicagotribune.com), the superintendent granted their request on a trial basis, agreeing to offer flavored milk on Fridays.  The district will collect data on milk consumption and review it in January. 

 No matter how the decision turns out in January, administrators in this district demonstrated smart leadership. They recognized the kids’ right to petition, and they acknowledged that the students might have a point.  Administrators proposed to make the final decision based on data, and they reached a valid compromise in the meantime.  This was, as they say, a “teachable moment” and administrators remembered they were teachers first. 



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