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And All That Jazz

Princess-and-the-frog  So here’s what’s cool about The Princess and the Frog:

1.  The princess has a great work ethic and a dream, which she doesn’t forget about when she ends up with the prince.  In fact, the prince helps her realize her dream.

2.  The princess is smart, beautiful, and black. 

3.  The princess’s rich friend is white, but she’s not a jerk.

4.  The story takes place in New Orleans way before the hurricane.

5.  Evil is evil.  

6.  Good is complex.

7.  The hand-drawn graphics are beautiful and the Dixieland is great.

8.   Spoiler alert:  The Cajon lightning bug dies, but in true Disney fashion, he becomes a star (like in the sky, not like in Britney Spears).

9. You can go and see it without taking a kid as cover, but it’s more fun with a kid.

10. Title IX still rules.

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