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A Time for Compassionate Leadership

It’s not possible to watch the news from Haiti without a stone rolling over your heart.  Homes, schools, hospitals, whole communities destroyed and loved ones dead or missing.

It is too dreadful to fully understand. 

This is a time when school administrators can set examples of compassionate leadership.  Perhaps a group at your school has already come to you seeking approval for fundraising to help the Haitians.  Of course you gave your unqualified and public support.  If no one has volunteered for the effort, it is up to you to seek out an energetic teacher or a particular class or club or group to spearhead efforts to assist those in need. 

What Haiti needs is money, and it appears that the country will need it for a long time to come.  Your efforts don’t have to be complicated -- a jar or can for contributions, maybe a bake sale.  We’ve done it before, unfortunately. 

What needs to be very clear to everyone, however, is that you completely support these efforts and hope that everyone else will too.  It’s a prime moment to use your bully pulpit to educate both staff and children about our global connectedness and responsibility for one another.

Oh, yes … and it would be a great time to lead the way with your own generous donation that will be duly noted among those who are collecting and counting the contributions.  You can’t ask others to do what you do not. 



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