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Rick and Adult Ed


Teaching adults is not the same as teaching kids.  Adults often have already identified what they need to know and want the information clear, succinct, and applicable.   They are ready to learn from someone else’s experience and appreciate when the teacher distinguishes between fact and opinion.  Adults don’t need to role play to understand how they would feel in the situation; they can draw on their own life experiences and extrapolate.  Like most adults, my attitude has always been, “Just tell me what I need to know.”

So I’m back from 3 weeks in Europe.  We went independently – that is, we weren’t part of a tour.  However, before we left we studied with Rick Steves, well-known travel guru, through books and videos.  And I have to say he hit the mark 95% of the time. Backpacks

“Pack light, pack light, pack light,” Rick says.  Nobody, he notes, comes back from a long trip and says, “I wish I had taken more stuff.”  We each took one carry-on.  OK, washing out stuff in the B&B each night was a drag, but it enabled us to look with supreme pity on other travelers dragging along 100 pound suitcases plus other smaller unmanageable bags. 

So we walked a lot, saw what we wanted to see, avoided the long lines, ate in out-of-the-way local restaurants, took local transportation, and learned to manage our hair without hair dryers.  I mentioned that my husband had broken his ankle about 3 days before we left, so the biggest challenge was pushing a wheelchair up and down cobblestone sidewalks and streets embedded with trolley tracks in Prague and Salzburg (don’t look for curb cutaways).  But by the time we got to Florence, he was walking with just a crutch, which he abandoned for just a walking boot in Rome.  A miracle.

Wondering about the  5% of advice that wasn’t on the mark?  Well, he was right about women not wearing shorts.  But jeans?  Yeah, we could have worn them.  But then we wouldn’t have had that traveler chic that comes with a Sierra Trading Post wardrobe. 

High point?  The Mozart Mass in the Salzburg Cathedral.  Low point?  The Rome metro.

So thanks, Rick, for telling me what I needed to know and what I wanted to know for immediate application.  I think you get adult ed.




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