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Working with Parents in Japanese

I knew my book, How to Handle Difficult Parents:  A Teacher's Survival Guide, was being translated into Japanese, but when the book arrived today I was thrilled.  Just because I can't read it doesn't mean I can't love it.

Hiroshima University Professor and translator Dr. Shinji Kurihara added a note that said in part:

"In Japan 'difficult parents' are generally called 'monster parents.'   Although I don't think these words are appropriate because they have a nuance that parents are bad, they show how much teachers are suffering. Actually, this problem causes many teachers mental disease or retiring.  I think these suffering teachers will be saved by your book."

I don't know about saved, but it's a humorous book with specific serious tips about working with parents.  I hope the humor translated.


             Japanese Book front IMG              Japanese book backIMG

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