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LOL in Education

Tingley-021 color It turns out that difficult and demanding parents still exist, so my new publisher has asked me to revise and expand my book for release some time next year.  This time my editor would like me to include a chapter on working with parents of children in special education.

The book is a humorous take on working with parents, and it’s filled with real-life examples of the kinds of unreasonable demands that parents sometimes make along with practical tips on how to work cooperatively to defuse potentially explosive situations.  At the time I wrote it, I thought about including sports parents and special education parents, but the former might require a whole book in themselves and the latter didn’t lend themselves to fun poking without the risk of making the author look like an insensitive clod.

Humor in education is a rare and tricky business as anyone who saw Diane Ravitch on The Daily Show can attest.  Stewart essentially did stand-up alone, riffing on Wisconsin while his guest sat there stone faced.  It was like playing tennis against a wall.

But a friend of mine sent me the video below that focuses on the relationship between parents of special education students and school people.  It’s sympathetic to the parent’s perspective and it’s very, very funny.  School people will recognize the situation and how it plays out in some schools (hopefully not in yours).  We have to be able to laugh at ourselves, folks, so enjoy.


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