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Grossology:  The  (Impolite) Study of the Human Body is disgustingly great.  It’s everything a kid could want in grossness.  Kids can crawl into a huge stomach and slide into the intestines. They can shoot balls into an Grossology enormous nose, and when the nose sneezes, it shoots the balls back.  They can pull a lever and turn a wheel to see how vomit moves from the stomach to your mouth.  They can smell all manner of body odors and learn the difference between snot and boogers.  They learn about scabs and pimples.  I mean, is this a great museum or what?

Grossology is a traveling exhibit, so I should warn you that it could be in your town next when it closes at the Virginia Air and Space Center in September.  Just keep that in mind.

I’ve seen (and even led) groups of students as they wandered through some of the great museums in our country -- the Museum of Natural History in New York, the art museum of the Grossology2 Smithsonian, the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Depending on the age of the students, the job of the adult in charge is mainly to keep kids from touching things or talking too loud. 

Touching things or talking (even yelling) is not a problem at the Grossology exhibit.  In fact, museum “curators” are delighted when kids yell, “EWWWWW.”  That’s the point, you see.

So it’s not fine art or great history, but if you can stand it, take some kids you know.  I guarantee they will love it, and so will the seventh grade boy in you.


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