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Fun activites for "The Mitten"

"The Mitten" by Jan Brett is a book that we read to our class every year during winter.  Not only is it a great story but it also lends itself to many related activities.  Here are a few...

  • Read and compare different versions of the story:  We read "The Mitten" by Jan Brett, "The Mitten" by Alvin Tresselt and "The Woodcutter's Mitten" by Loek Koopmans.  We discuss each version and then compare them.  We talk about predictions, patterns in the story and the illustrations, and elements such as characters, setting, problem, and solution.  We also made a Venn Diagram.

           The_mitten_jan           The_mitten_alvin         

  • Graph:  After reading all three versions of the story we graph which story we liked the most Mitten_graph and explain the reasons for our choice.  Usually the students base their choice on a particular character, the illustrations, or the ending of the story.
  • Dramatization:  We usually pick one of the versions and take turns acting it out in small groups.  We use a big blanket or sheet to represent the mitten.  Each year the children really enjoy this activity. 
  • Writing acticity:  Children illustrate and write what animal character they would want in their mitten or what ending they would give the story.
  • Felt mittens:  The children make a mitten by sewing together two felt cut-outs of a mitten.  Then they decorate the mitten with jewels, pompoms or other items.  They can fill the mitten with stuffing/cotton to make it look as big and stretched out as the one in the story.

                                     3d_mitten_2_2                    3d_mitten_1_2

  • Matching mittens:  We discuss what comes in pairs.  Then we partner children and they create a matching pair of mittens.  Each student gets a left or right paper mitten.  They take turns adding details and copying their partner.  The children have to communicate, work together and often help and/or teach each other in order to achieve their goal.  This has always been a very successful activity.

             Mitten2031          Mitten2041          Mitten2021           Mitten2011    

  • Sorting:  First we brought in mittens from home.  Then we did a secret sort where we took turns sorting the mittens while the group had to figure out the sorting rule.  One year we donated the mittens we collected to a school in rte neighbirhood along with a copy of "The Mitten" by Jan Brett.
  • You can find coloring pages, reproducible character masks and information on Jan Brett's "The Mitten" at her site

Please share with us any other activities you have done or seen related to this story or a story that you love. 


Are we nearly there yet

This all looks great! My children love their Bayard books and all the activities! Here is on of my blogs with more great childrens activity ideas! http://arewenearlythereyet.wordpress.com/2009/01/12/found-some-fun/

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