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Habitat art: rainforest, desert

Our class has always enjoyed every habitat that we have studied.  We usually incorporate a slideshow, puzzles, games, field trips  and anything else we can into our studies.  However, we find that the art activities that we do related to each habitat are always some of the students' favorites and most memorable.  Here are some that we have done for our study of the rainforest and the desert. 

Rainforest habitat model:  We explain to the class that we will be making a model of the rainforest.  The children brainstorm what should be included in the model and we made a list.  First we made the background on butcher paper.  This was done by student volunteers and a teacher to make sure that all levels of the rainforest were depicted.  Then each child made an animal.  They looked through pictures and books to find out what their animal looked like.  Over the years, I have collected many pictures of animals and landscapes from friends' old calendars.  Next volunteer writers made labels by copying the names found in books.  We added a desk, some writing materials, magnifying glasses, binoculars and a few other things to make a scientists' center.  Then the children played in the area.  It was a great success!

Rain back1   Rain back2    Rain back3   Rain back4                 Painting animals1   Painting animals2  Painting animals3  Painting animals4

Rain final1-09   Rain final2              Scientist1   Scientist2  Scientist4  Scientist5

Desert paintings:  At the end of our desert unit we asked the children to make a picture depicting the desert.  First they closed their eyes and thought of what they wanted to include in their pictrures.  Then they used craypas and watercolors do create their pictures.  We provided pictures and books if they wanted to use them as reference.  At the end we gave them the option of glueing on real sand. 

IMG_9402      IMG_9404      IMG_9403      IMG_9405      IMG_9406     

Desert animals:  This is another project that we have done at the end of our desert unit.  The children picked an desert animal that they then created using clay.  We provided pictures and books if they wanted to use them as reference.  We baked and painted the clay.  Some children made a background for tehir animal.

IMG_6597      IMG_6598     IMG_6599     IMG_6600

IMG_6625 IMG_6626 Georgia O'Keefe:  We studied Georgia O'Keefe as the artist of the month since she was inspired by desert landscapes.  Then the children created a piece inspired her art.  They used craypas and watercolor.  They had the choice of painting bones, flowers, shells or a combination of those elements. 

To see an example of other activities that we do for a habitat unit please visit our post on the polar habitat.   

Please share with us any other art projects or ideas you have for these habitats or any other.  Thanks!


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