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Green Ideas

We try to be green in many ways in our classroom.  Here are a few ideas of projects you can do with your students that are also fun.

  • Plants for seniors:  Every year around Earth Day we work with one of the school's parent committees that supports community service projects.  Each kindergartner dedorates a clay pot and plants a plant.  Then a few parents and children take the plants to a senior citizens home.  We talk to the students about the importance of planting and preserving green.  We talk about giving back to the community by bringing nature to people who may not be able to go out to enjoy it. 

  • Taking care of the park:  Every year, in the fall and in the spring, we do community service in Central Park.  Depending on what is need we either rake leaves or do mulching.  We feel that this is a great way for them to learn about nature in the park and also give back to the community.  It is hard work and the kids are always exhausted at the end of it.  However, they always feel like they have accomplished something great and it's one of the experiences they remember. 

  • Recycling paper: Early in the year we create a paper recycling bin in the classroom in order to recycle paper.  The children not only practice recycling but they also learn to reuse by going to that bin for paper when they need scraps of paper for various projects.              

  • Junk art:  We ask parents to send in boxes, newspaper and other paper, paper rolls, plastic containers, packing material anything they have at home that we could use to make art.  The students create sculptures with the materials and glue or tape.  Then they paint them.  Some also do paper mache.  In the end we set up an area fo the classroom as a museum to showcase all the sculptures.

         Recycled art 1      Recycled art 3      Recycled art 5      Recycled art 4

  • Recycling Game:  This year there is a recycling game on the school's website for the children to use.  The goal of the game is to collect all the trash and place it in the correct recycling bin in a certain amount of time.

Please share with us some of your green ideas... The greener we are the better!


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