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Learning Websites

Hi Everyone,

I can feel it in my bones...summer is right around the corner and I can't wait.
Alexandra and I have been trying to figure out what our summer work recommendations should be and decided that we ought to recommend some fun and appropriate learning websites for parents to use with their kids.  There are so many children that will find themselves parked in front of the computer....we might as well try to inform the parents of some good options.  We would like to believe that they have time to research but many of them do not.  Hope these help!!!

Learning Websites

  1. Scholastic Learning Arcade - The fun part of the Scholastic learning arcade is letting the kids choose the character that they want to navigate with.  The learning games are fun. Ex: Concentration, Making Words, Patterns, Mazes and more.                              
  2. I SPY - Scholastic.com brings I SPY to life.  Ex: Make a picture, Make a riddle, Play I SPY bingo
  3. Learning Planet - The site features a great game called ABC Order. If you have a child heading into K or 1 who is still struggling then offer the parents this game to play with their children. 
  4. Brainpop Jr. - The website that features a little bit of everything.  No matter what subject a child may be studying, brainpop addresses it.  For family subscriptions, have your families click on the link: https://www.brainpop.com/store/step1.weml. Free trials are available!!
  5. Noggin - We are all familiar with the channel but some parents have yet to discover the website that always features a game of the month.
  6. Build-a-Saurus - Build a Dinosaur online starting with the footprint.  They will love it!
  7. Dance Mat Typing - This website will do just that..teach a child to type with rock and roll.  Not all children are interested but I, for one, am tired of having to wait hours as a child tries to find the letter 'a'. 

If you have any websites that you would like us to add to this blog, please send it to us at naomi.alexandra.scholasticblog@gmail.com


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