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So Long, Farewell....

What a year!!!

We can not believe that the year is over.  We have six more days of school and then we say good-be to our classroom, our students and all of you.  We are at the end of our journey as the Scholastic Pre-K/K advising team.  We have learned so much this year and know that we are better teachers as a result. 

As we look upon our students and think about their futures, we can only wish them the best.  This year, we focused on helping them understand what it means to be part of a community. We encouraged them to respect themselves, their families, our classroom and our school.  We worked on guiding them to interact with love and compassion.  We believe that we were able to achieve that and teach them some academics. at the same time.  I intend to spend the summer with my daughter and Alexandra will head for Greece to spend time with her beloved family.   In the fall, Alexandra and I will be back in KB teaching the next batch of K students. 

Neither of us have any special projects planned for the summer but next year Alexandra and I will be working with our K team on some curricular changes.  We are so proud of our efforts this year and know that we have worked hard to give you a look inside the heart of our classroom.  As we look back on the years blogs, lesson and unit plans, we are amazed at the content and in awe of the amount of work we have accomplished over the course of a school year.  Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing with us through this experience.  Your loyalty to our blog has helped inspire us over the course of
the year.



Congrats to you both for a great year of inspirational ideas and great tips! I think what you accomplished in your classroom and on this blog has helped teachers all over the country to become involved in trying out new ideas! And isn't that what it's all about? Finding the approach that makes learning relevant and exciting to our students.
Thank you for the great blog! You both are amazing and a credit to teaching!


You are an awesome duo! I learned so much from your blog. Thanks for sharing your insights and strategies with all of us in the field. Have a great summer.

Amy Borrell

Alexandra & Naomi thank you for taking us on a journey through your year. Your classroom is dynamic and exciting and you inspire all of us with your ideas.

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