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Keep on rocking!

We LOVE music in KB!  We sing every day and seem to have a song for everything.  We often listen to soothing music when we rest, classical music when we write, and jazz when we do art.  We also love to snap, sway, bop, and dance any chance we get! 

Having said all that, I would like to share with you two artists whose music our students (and we!) have REALLY enjoyed.  We have been lucky enough to see them perform live as they have been invited to our school every year.  We even have their autograph which we have framed and displayed in our classroom!

Brady Rhymer                                                                                                                             Real lyrics, catchy tunes, and a rock-n-roll feeling are what you get with every song from Brady Rhymer and The Little Band That Could.  Accompanied by an electric guitar, a fiddle, and a mandolin this veteran rocker manages to bring us to our feet every time.  He has won numerous awards and I have yet to meet a child or parent who does not like his work.  Make sure you listen to his newest cd and visit Brady's official site.   

Lou Gallo                                                                                                                                        This is another artist that our children ask us to play over and over again.  He often sings the words of a favorite book like "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" or tells a story from his life.    His songs are fun, funny and catchy.  His music grabs you and inevitably makes you want to move.  Make sure you visit Lou's official site for more information about him and his work.  

Please let us know if you have any music that you and your students enjoy so that we can keep on rocking in KB.  I hope you'll enjoy Brady and Lou's music as much as we have.  Actually, I know you will! 

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