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Inexpensive Field Trips!!

I am so excited to go back to the classroom. I guess you might say it is like riding a bicycle. I am always amazed at the amount of things that we have to cover in the these next few months leading up to the end of school. I just had a planning session with Alexandra and we went over our Spring curricular goals. How on earth do we fill it all in?....the reports, conferences, summer birthdays and my favorite, spring field trips. 

In the Spring, we try to get out into the community and study our neighborhoods. The children love going on neighborhood walks. in groups, meeting the store owners and examining the goods and services that they offer the community. We scheduled many of our field trips in the fall.  Many of these trips are free or low cost.  The economy has hit everyone, including those of us that work in private school.  This spring, we are happy that most of the trips we planned are walking distance from school and will not tax our budget with bus fees.

Our neighborhood fire department
Our spring neighborhood study takes us to the community fire station.  We meet the fire fighters and they tell the children ways that they protect the community.  They teach the children about potential fire hazards and rules for fire safety.

Our neighborhood police department
Our neighborhood study takes us to our neighborhood police station. The policemen and women love talking to the children about safety.  They review the dangers of guns, street safety and their roles and responsibilities.

Community service at our neighborhood park
This is a neighborhood field trip that takes us across the street to Central Park to clear areas pf te park for the community.  We went out in the fall and raked leaves.  We never know what the job is going to be until we get there but have a blast getting our hands dirty.

The Neighborhood New York Public Library

We have always felt that traveling to the public library is important. Last year, we asked if anyone had ever been to a library and a child said "Yes. I love the Barnes & Nobles library."  Sometimes parents forget that one of the ways to instill a sense of citizenship and greater responsibility in their child is to join a public library and share books with the city.  Do our children really need to own EVERY single book in the world or just their favorites?  It is a great summer activity and we help encourage parents and literacy by taking the first step and getting their children cards.

The Neighborhood Farmers Market (click here to find a market near you)

This is another place that we visited in the Fall that we revisit so as to see the difference between Fall and Spring produce.  Many times, the same farmers from the Spring are there and remember us!!

The New York Botanical Gardens
We have traveled to the botanical gardens a few times this year so as to support our plant and rain forest curriculum. In the spring, we go to the Ruth Howell Family Garden and experience working in a community garden.  The children love getting their hands in dirt, playing with worms and just being outside in the cool spring air.

The Flat Rock Nature Center
This amazing nature center features miles of hiking trails and well-informed volunteer guides for your class trip.  Located in New Jersey, we visited this center in the fall and have found that it is great to return in the spring to observe the many ways that nature changes throughout the seasons.

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