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Resources for Flu Season: Stay Smart! Scholastic’s School Continuation Plan

There’s a well-know adage, expect the best; plan for the worst. You can’t pick up a magazine or newspaper without reading predictions about this year’s flu season. I’ve always embraced bibliotherapy and the potential of reading to inform positive health habits.

As parents and teachers, we are in a position to prepare our kids for flu season without alarming them. When talking to kids, it is helpful to empower them with tools they can use to stay well. On this website you will find a chart that shows the new way to cover up when sneezing, reminds us all to wash our hands frequently (I still sing the ABC song while washing my hands), and encourages us all to stay home when we’re very sick.

How do you keep kids learning while they’re home sick? This website is your go to resource for helping kids keep up with school when they’re sick. Go to Stay Smart! Scholastic’s School Continuation Plan to find 20 days of school work, including special lessons for students in READ 180 and System 44. http://www.scholastic.com/staysmart. The focus is reading, writing and math for students in K-8. You will have free access for a book-a-week for children in K-3 from Scholastic’s award winning ebook program, Bookflix. Students in grades 4-12 will have free access for 30 days of Expert Space, a digital curriculum in science and social studies. All these great materials will keep kids learning and hopefully less miserable.

Take good care of yourself. And to keep up with flu season and children’s health issues, I recommend this special issue of Children’s Health Magazine.

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