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Celebrate Earth Week By Reading Green

I think books are intrinsically eco-friendly. Why? One book can be read over and over again by its owner and by others. Many books are even printed using recycled paper and paper from forests that are managed to protect people and wildlife. Here are some ideas for being a green reader:

Book Shares and Swaps —As you wrap up the school year, it is a good time to reorganize and refresh classroom libraries. Get together with colleagues and decide if you would like to swap any books due to grade changes or for other reasons. Also, collaborate to decide on what new books to buy for the next school year, determining what books to share and which ones you’ll need for your own permanent library collection.

Gift Certificates –  'Tis the season for graduations, weddings and mother’s and father’s days.  If you’re giving a present, gift certificates for books are a one size fits all solution.  An added benefit is that you’ll save on wrapping and there won’t be any additional effort for returns.

Happy green reading!

P.S. I’m drinking out of my 100% corn cup while writing this.


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Must Reads for Staying Educationally Fit

Last year, I blogged about my education fitness plan in response to a question about keeping up with an information overload.  Now, I’m posting my routine on a calendar (click on calendar to view). 


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