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Middle Grade Romance

This week heats up with three steamy new Middle Grade Romances—which are also sure to be hot at Frankfurt: Shadow by Jenny Moss, Forbidden Sea by Sheila A. Nielson and Everlasting by Angie Frazier. We have sample chapters for each below—please let us know what you think. Complete manuscripts are available for each upon request!


SHADOW-saved-for-WebNew middle grade talent Jenny Moss has been heralded by Publishers Weekly and Kirkus as "poetic and skillful" and "emotionally nuanced"—definitely an author to watch. Her Scholastic debut, Shadow, will have wide appeal—it’s the perfect blend of adventure, mystery, magic, and medieval romance. Readers will admire the brave and complex heroine who embarks on an incredible journey to find herself and change the fate of a kingdom forever…

Contact us for a sample chapter of this beautifully written, fast-paced novel, and follow the link to learn more about Jenny Moss




Forbidden Sea
is intoxicating: it’s a wonderful coming-of-age Cinderella story that really stands out from other mermaid romances! This is a luminous portrait of a small island community and an unforgettable heroine who must make a life-altering choice…
Adrienne is struggling with the harsh reality of poverty in her seaside village, only to be swept away to an underwater mermaid kingdom to be the bride of the Prince of the Sea. Chosen for her noble heart and character, Adrianne realizes that she has not seen herself clearly for who she is--someone who could be a princess. She must make a decision: embrace this strangely luxurious life under the sea, or return home to the ones she loves and the difficulties ahead..

Contact us for a sneak peak of this powerful, lyrical story and the gorgeous cover art!



With it’s high-adventure and ready-to-boil over romance Everlasting will keep readers turning the pages: think Pirates of the Caribbean meets Indiana Jones! Sailing aboard her father's ship is all seventeen-year-old Camille has ever wanted. But as a lady of society her future is set: marry a man she doesn't love or loose her social standing. On her last voyage before the wedding, fate deals Camille a crippling blow—her father goes missing in the dark arms of the sea—and a terrible family secret is revealed. What follows is a perilous quest—ensnared with traps and bloodthirsty ruffians coupled with edge-of-your-seat adventure and a passionate romance!

Contact us for a sample chapter of this beautifully written and feverishly-paced journey of adventure, secrecy, and passion. Read    more about debut author Angela Frazier.

Best wishes!