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Picture Books, Novelty, Klutz

We’re pleased to share a fantastic lineup of Picture Books along with some fantastic Novelty and Klutz books!



Young Zeus

From the award-winning author/illustrator, G. Brian Karas, comes a witty tale about navigating family and finding one’s voice.  Based on Greek mythology, this exciting and beautifully illustrated story will appeal to boys, girls, their parents, and reluctant readers.  The art and text are warm, funny, and quirky—not what one would expect from Greek mythology.




Told with Jon Muth’s characteristic simplicity and charm, and illustrated with his warmly evocative paintings, Zen Ghosts also features the striking black-and-white brush artwork that we first saw in Zen Shorts, his Caldecott Honor-winning book.

As only Jon J Muth can, Zen Ghosts brings Zen stories to young children and families with the surety of a master storyteller. And this gently eerie offering will give readers little shivers of wonderment to reverberate in their hearts and imaginations for years to come.



Swim Swim final cover

Lerch is one sassy, snazzy fish who seems to have it all: good looks, charm, a great sense of humor, and a perfect smile. But he's lonely (the bubbles and the pebbles ain't talkin'!) and wants to find a friend. But where? Then, with the help of an unexpected "admirer," Lerch meets Dinah, and it's true love from first glance.  This is a fresh, fun read-aloud for parents, teachers, and kids!



Fetchpix-12 Fetchpix-13

Every pirate needs his captain's chair and this book with it’s fun captain's hat and reward stickers is perfect for the little pirate learning to use the potty for the first time!  Additionally, every princess needs her throne and this book with it’s tiara with reward stickers is perfect for the little princess learning to use the potty for the first time. With a helpful, step-by-step story that introduces boys and girls to the concept of toilet training, Pirate Potty and Princess Potty are lessons that everyone needs to learn.  Both include a paper hat (pirate hat for boys, tiara for girls) with reward stickers that the child can earn for a job well done!


Look out for these awesome animal guides with cool, holographic covers!  What do a platypus, a wasp, and a blue-ringed octopus have in common? They all have Poison! What do a rattlesnake, a black widow spider, and a dog have in common?  They all have Fangs!  In-your-face photographs bring these amazing animals to life in these two awesome non-fiction books.


Cover_FashionOrigami RubberBands GlossyBands 

Check out the latest hands-on books from Klutz! With Fashion Origami, fashion design takes on a whole new dimension. With Rubber Band Powered Flying Machines, experience the art and science of aviation, conveniently delivered in a rubber band.  And with Glossy Bands, create amazing bracelets you squeeze out of a bottle!

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