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Guest Blogger: Scholastic Editor Lisa Sandell!

ClockWork Three 


Every editor looks for that singular book, which will transport her from her messy desk and piles of paper to a magical realm of beautiful language, engrossing characters, and high drama. After reading the first few pages of The Clockwork Three, I knew this was one of those rare and special books. Beyond that, though, I knew that this book was going to be huge.

I was smitten by the three main characters: Giuseppe, the orphaned street musician who finds an enchanted green violin; Hannah, the impoverished hotel maid who seeks a hidden treasure, believing that it will make her father well again; and Frederick, the gifted clockmaker’s apprentice who is determined to prove his worth by building the most fabulous automaton the world has ever seen. Matthew had woven the threads of all three protagonist’s stories together so deftly, and filled them with fine details that pulled me straight into the book.


Brimming with all of these wonderful elements, the manuscript left me stunned and totally enchanted. Here in my hands, I thought, was a masterpiece in artistry and craft, a story so rich and compelling I couldn’t put it down—and it was written by a first-time novelist! I immediately showed it to my colleagues and then called up the agent to make my pre-emptive bid for the book.


Matthew’s first draft was in tremendous shape. It was already polished, and so with a few relatively minor back-and-forth edits and revisions, the manuscript was ready to go into production.


Working with Matt on The Clockwork Three has been incredibly exciting. From the moment I bought the book, the buzz has been mounting. Matt Kirby is a remarkable talent, a shining star on the rise. I am so thrilled to be along for the ride

Happy reading!


Lisa Ann Sandell author photo