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Bio Engineering Meets Computer Science to Shape the Future

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Thomas Galeon is an engineering student from the French university of
Ecole Polytechnique, located in the Palaiseau suburb just south of Paris. Thomas, along with partners Alexandre Brenellière and Maxime Bourliatoux, entered the Imagine Cup. The Microsoft Imagine Cup is an innovation and technology competition held at the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond Washington every year. The winners of local and regional championships across the world come to the Pacific Northwest to compete for a prize package that will enable them to make their dream a reality.

His project, Overskill, targets seven core abilities and is designed to train the mind and the body simultaneously using mixed reality.

Thomas comes from a bio engineering background, and says Overskill gives users insight into how the brain works under stress. His partners have a computer science background. Their ability to analyze data filled in the missing pieces, allowing his team to create the Overskill app. The app uses a new Microsoft product called HoloLens, a self-contained, holographic computer; it enables the user to engage with digital content and interact with holograms in the space around them with no other props.

In my talk below with him, Thomas said he believes this new technology will shape the future and hopes his journey in the Imagine Cup will allow him to meet other creative students eager to help build the world of tomorrow.

Interview with Thomas Galeon


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About Thomas Galeon

Thomas Galeon HeadshotThomas Galeon is a second-year engineering student at Ecole Polytechnique near Paris and will be specializing in bio-mechanical engineering in September. Born into a French family in London (UK), Thomas did a French Scientific Baccalaureate in the British capital. Thriving on challenges and eager to solve real world problems, he moved to France to study engineering.

Ecole Polytechnique has a rich military tradition as it was used by Napoleon to find the best armament engineers. As part of his first-year military training, he chose to work at the Paris Fire Brigade and led an ambulance team of three fire-fighters on more than 300 rescue operations. Witnessing first-hand the health issues the most vulnerable were facing daily convinced Thomas to study bio-mechanical engineering, determined to apply his critical thinking to ensure diseases and accidents are detected as soon as possible using monitoring devices available to all.

Thomas is enthusiastic about entrepreneurship. He is part of the Start-Up Cabinet at his university which organizes many events, including one of the largest European Start-Up Weekends. Combining his desire to innovate and help others, he hopes to start his own biotech start-up. The Imagine Cup was the first step of that journey.

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