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Creating a Coding Tool that Everyone Can Use

Christian Diemers attends the
Technical University of Munich, and it's there that he developed a vision of the future from his work. This vision has taken him to the 2017 World Finals of the Imagine Cup in Seattle, the world’s premier innovation and technology competition. Christian sees real value in the different working styles he encounters while sharing ideas with friends around the world, as opposed to having everyone using the same methods and techniques.

His Imagine Cup project, Koicode, is a web-based platform that provides visual scripting and code visualization for beginners. It features a complete visualization process for computer programs and the possibility to create methods with a visual scripting tool. As Christian says in our interview below, coding is the future. He says that everyone needs to learn coding and computer science. His innovative idea Koicode helps people learn programming in an intuitive way, giving them the skills to create their own innovations.


Interview with Christian Diemers

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About Christian Diemers:

Christian HeadshotChristian Diemers is currently studying Informatics: Games Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. In addition to his studies, he enjoys organizing events.








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