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Failure Is Not An Option!

Blankstein I had a great conversation with Alan Blankstein, author of Failure Is Not An Option: Six Principles That Guide Student Achievement in High-Performing Schools, which has been recently updated and released. Alan is also Founder and President of the Hope Foundation.

"The second edition of Failure Is Not An Option shares what people who read the first book did with it," says Blankstein. "It's really about transforming schools and taking them from "D" to "A". Some have done this on their own by using the book, and others with Hope Foundation help. It's about working with schools to help them form high performing leadership teams--in order to turn things around in the short term, but to make that happen long term as well."

Listen to my conversation with Alan Blankstein, a bit of how to, leadership building, culture changing, trust and hope.


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Failure Is Not An Option is a GREAT book, but you need to have a team willing to put the information in action.

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