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Twitter Yields Scholastic Interviews ISTE10

Tweets net educator Interviews for Scholastic Administrator at ISTE10.

So, who showed up after we tweeted invitations?

ISTEc John Carver, superintendent of Van Meter schools in Iowa stopped by with Shannon Miller, library media specialist, and Principal Deron Durflinger. All did individual interviews with me.

Carver is an ambassador for his district, and also for Iowa, too. His philosophy is fresh and is clear from top to bottom and bottom to top. He is carving out new technology territory in his district, with his staff, and for his students. ISTEa

Miller has proven to be one librarian to follow on Twitter. She shares more than URLs for useful student  resources. My recommendation is to follow her (@shannonmmiller) to get valuable how tos that go beyond the four library walls.

ISTEb Durflinger is a Van Meter principal who really gets that administrators need to model for teachers, just as teachers need to model for kids. He uses social media as professional development and even for hiring new teachers. The entire Van Meter crew knows the power of PLNs (Personal Learning Networks).

ISTEfTwo Richardson ISD, TX educators stopped by the booth, too. Principal Megan Timme and  Lauren Sanders, who teaches students with learning differences, were in search of more 3D technology at ISTE10. Sanders is actually working a 3D technology pilot—glasses and all—in her classroom. 

ISTEhGayla Power, Denver Public Schools Teacher Portal and Schoolnet administrator shared how controlling all district data, and providing all stakeholders—exactly what they need—is not that difficult if you’re using the right management tool.

ISTEd David Ligon stopped by as well. Ligon has moved from an administrator of technology direction in his Gilbert, AZ district to a technology and grant writing role. That seems to be, in this economic climate, a great fit that needs duplication in other districts throughout the country. To find a technology expert as well as a grant writing expert in the same person is a brilliant stroke, and probably not a common occurrence.

I look forward to more conversations with these educators, as well as others Scholastic Administrator tweets up at future conferences. Look for the my interviews soon—at the Scholastic Administrator. Follow me on Twitter @kenroyal.



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