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Microsoft Innovative Educators

Cheryl_Rawya_web Microsoft shines a spotlight on teachers throughout the year and specifically at the Innovative Educators Forum. Top innovative educators come together from around the world and a finalist from each country is selected to be a representative at the World forum. Cheryl Arnett from Sunset Elementary School in Craig, Colo., and Rawya Shatila from Maskassed Khalil Shehab School in Beirut, Lebanon, were recently selected to represent for their innovative work in international collaboration and will join nearly 500 other educators from 60 countries in South Africa this fall.

“We were able to make our classes virtual neighbors instead of strangers on the other side of the world,” says Shatila. “Using technology, we are developing our students into global citizens — it broadens their perspective.”

Arnett and Shatila’s project, Digital Stories: A Celebration of Learning and Culture, connected Arnett’s class of first- and second-graders in Craig, Colo., to Shatila’s second-graders in Beirut. The two educators, who had never met, used technologies such as wikis, blogs and online mapping tools to share stories and activities for helping students increase global awareness of similarities and differences between children from different countries.

Learn more about U. S. Partners in Learning, and more on Innovative Educators.

Congratulations to Cheryl Arnett, Rawya Shatila, and the other educators who are raising the bar higher for what’s possible, and bringing innovation into their classrooms!

Image Note: From left to right: Innovative Educators at the US Forum: Joe Goodwin from Myrtle Beach Elementary in Myrtle Beach, S.C.; Cheryl Arnett from Sunset Elementary School in Craig, Colo.; Rawya Shatila from Maskassed Khalil Shehab School in Beirut, Lebanon; and Kathryn Starn from Myrtle Beach Elementary.


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