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Kineos for Kids!: First Look

Kineo with Hands

The Royal Treatment has been given the first, exclusive look at the Kineo and its specs. It might be for kids, what the iPad is for teachers. I have to admit that with a price of $299, and it’s brilliantly colored sleeves—covering its white face—with hot pink to red—is eye-catching, and attract a lot of attention from educators and students.

The Kineo is specifically designed for kids, schools, and classroom. It is an Android device that plays well with Flash—go figure! With the Kineo, there’s no marketing hype or messaging, and the sites students access need to be pre-approved by teachers or administrators.

Educators will get to touch and order Kineos, for the first time, at the upcoming FETC 2011 in Orlando, Florida, and shipments will begin in March 2011.

The Kineos parent company is Brainchild, which has been an innovative force in tech education. I’ve heard that Achiever!, Brainchild’s formative assessment system for state-specific test preparation and instruction on state standards works well with the device.

Follow the Kineo at Brainchild's site: http://www.brainchild.com/


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are their any press releases about it yet? I want to know more since I think that the whole tablets-for-school market is under-served. I would love to have something cheap enough and user-friendly enough for my students!

Hello Lee,

Thank you for your interest. The Kineo will be available for purchase after February 1st and first shipments will begin March 1st. Here is some more information http://www.brainchild.com/Kineo.html. You are going to love the Kineo!

Jeremy Verret
Vice President of Sales

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