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Karen McMillan: Conferences Help Educators Connect ASCD

In my interview with teacher Karen McMillan at ASCD 2011, she recommends that educators attend conferences to meet like-minded professionals, share ideas, and hear cutting-edge teaching how tos. The world may seem social-media smaller, but educators still need to connect with the bigger world—out there. Teaching benefits, and therefore student learning will, too. Interestingly, McMillan has picked up on what the experts are saying about the best of social media, in that when you have good learning networks, the people in them are well known before meeting them in person. And, if you are lucky enough to meet your PLN members in-person, you are one step up on the professional relationship, as well as solidifying the friendship. "It seems you know them already."
Watch Karen McMillan discuss the importance of PLNs with me at ASCD 2011:


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