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Great School Fundraiser: Promethean & PTA Team

ActivBoard500 As a teacher, and then as an Instructional technology specialist, I discovered early on that parent/teacher groups offered support for ideas, as well as funding for those ideas. There were times when the district had no cash to float a great idea, but the PTA, or PTO would jump in to help. For me, and other staff, it just took writing an understandable proposal, and then presenting it to the parents' group. So, when I came across news of Promethean’s Great School Fundraiser, I immediately thought back to my own parent group support. This community effort awarded a Promethean ActivBoard System as top prize.

JimM “Today’s economic times are challenging us all to become more resourceful and this showed in the contest submissions. When it comes to supporting schools, no one does more than parents and community members. We applaud everyone who participated in our contest this year,” said Jim Marshall, President of Promethean North America.

More about Promethean’s partnership with the National PTA can be found online at www.prometheanworld.com/PTA. Learn more about the Great School Fundraiser there, the 2011 winners and their community projects, as well as how to register for the next contest.

About Promethean www.PrometheanWorld.com
Promethean products and resources can be found in classrooms around the world, and PrometheanPlanet.com, provides its almost one million members access to free teaching resources.

About National PTA  http://www.pta.org/
National PTA is devoted to the educational success of children, and the promotion of parent involvement in schools. Membership in PTA is open to anyone who wants to be involved and make a difference for the education, health, and welfare of children and youth.


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