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Why Shouldn’t the Answer Always Be YES?

2012Someone, recently, said to me that it’s easy to think of new ideas, and difficult to do them. I didn’t say what I really wanted to say, but I was sufficiently insubordinate that hopefully he understood how stupid that statement was to me. I’m forever coming up with new proposals that turn to dust, but I don't stop thinking them up. I just don’t get it. There’s no reason to avoid trying new ideas. I’m not saying that we should go in every direction—without a true direction, but there’s no reason to stay stagnant either. Why shouldn’t the answer always be YES?

Here’s what I expect in 2012, and I won’t take NO for an answer:

1. There will be a tablet/slate computing device easier to use, and less expensive to purchase for our students than the iPad.

2. A publishing company will make all of its books and magazines available for a reasonable subscription fee, and on their own, free eReader.

3. 3D and augmented reality will finally marry the tech with the education curriculum to create true, full-bodied lessons, simulations, and learning environments for teaching students at all levels and subject areas—and do it without those goofy glasses.

4. Video communications will be common classroom, daily procedure, bringing experts to students, and students beyond the walls. This communication will be so easy to use it will send those Skype and FaceTime school experts looking for new challenges.

5. Educators will finally have a loud enough voice to create a shout—TOGETHER—that blasts away the nonsense we continue to hear from a few. Just a few specific ideas to start. How glorious that will be, over the excuses and negative sound bites we’ve heard—most without any how to, nor direction.

6. Get me a laptop or a netbook with a mini projector attached/onboard! Embed it into that cover. How difficult is that? Remember, NO can't be the answer.

7. Archeologists will dig up a Mayan quote that says, “Dust yourself off… start all over again.”

Note: "I get it!" has many meanings. Ask for clarification. ;>)


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